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Was a caregiver for mom. Now decided to let my oldest daughter take over everything.

I've been living with my mom and helping her for 3 years and all the time before that I would go to clean her house, make her bed or doing her lawn which I practically put everything in the yard including the grass.

I'll try not make this to long. Mom is very narcisstic as I've found out these last 3 years. She's always put me down to people and even my own daughters. When my dad passed away she gave one of my daughters a lot of my dad's stuff. After we went through the fires, wind storm(with no power 3 days) and then the ice storm we just had where we were without power for a week. I did everything I could to make her comfortable. It got to be too much when she wouldn't get up and do anything for herself. I knew that if she sat and slept in her chair that she wouldn't be able to get up. So call me what you like but I knew she needed to get up. Heck for 3 years she had PT, OTs in and still got lazier and lazier. Its been this way my whole life. I was in the shower one early evening and as I come out, she's telling me to come out there because she thinks she had an accident. Then tells me she called 911 because I wasn't answering her, so they came and heaven help them, they changed her and everything. I could not believe that. Then when we had the outage, we had to stay in a motel and all she did was lay on the bed. So when we got home and everything was okay, I went out for a little while and called them again because she couldn't get up and she was hungry. So they came and made her a sandwich. During the first power out for 3 days. She had called them 6 times. I was running all over the place to get her oxygen bottles and food.

The next night after she had called them cause she was hungry, me getting hardly any sleep and she's taken on to yelling at me about 3;30 in the morning for nothing much. So that next night I came out and she was trying to get out of her lift chair to her walker and she's moaning and groaning that she can't get up. The chair wasn't high enough for one. So I finally got her to sit on her walker and try to scoot in the bathroom. Never did. But then I looked at her feet and they were humongous so I told her this time she is going to the hospital. So she went for a few days then she calls and says she's going into a transitional rehab. Now 5 days later she says my oldest daughter is coming to take her car and sell it (they have no idea she owes more than it worth) and then they are going to see about cleaning up her place and putting it on the market. So here I'm going to be homeless.

I'm heartbroken. But this will be one time where I will not talk to her again. She's hurt me so much through my life and now this. I would have been totally fair with everything.

Sorry this turned out so long. Any suggestions or advice would be welcomed. Original article retrieved from: | | March 5,2021 | Stuckin Or

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