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Elder care - Demands by elderly can be selfish and unrealistic!

Too many elderly parents assume adult children will become responsible for them no matter what their child's life is at. They do not consider the impact it will have on their children's lives. Adult children are not built in safety nets for the elderly parent. Elderly parents must take some responsibility toward their care as they age and not assume their children will do it all for them. In today's economy it is selfish and unrealistic for the elderly to meet their expectations by their children. Have some compassion for your adult children and help yourselves first and in return your children will not hesitate to help you.

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I cared for my grandparents with my mom, when my mom needed help I rearranged my life to care for her. Rather than the 30 days the doctors gave her, she rehabilitated living in my single gal bungalow and lived 14 more years, enjoying life and enriching mine. It was not easy and I did take a financial hit for doing so. I don't have kids. I learned so much caring for her that I understand how, what and when to handle my own aging. My service dog is my caregiver. I think it's a personal choice to care for loved ones. But to the newer generation of "busy mom's" please remember that you teach children how to care…

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I have seen this more than once. elders particularly elderly women will create obvious or false flag arguments online to defend the current trend. Hard to believe but I have noted they are the first to pipe up and defend themselves on this subject.. I am taking care of two elderly people and I am 33 years old. It cost me most of my income and prospects of future marriage… Even still, I am treated very poorly by the two elders I take care of. They basically see me as some kind of servant. They literally watch Fox News all day long and yell about how America is falling apart mean while I feel like mine life is falli…

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