When you choose us to be your charity of choice through Food 4 Less Community Rewards, Food 4 Less makes a donation to us at


We will send you a $10 Food 4 Less Card when you choose us.

There are several steps involved so that is why we will reward you with a $10 Food 4 Less gift card when you choose us ;-)

Note: Valid only in stores located in ONLY in CA, NV, IL and IN.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

Click here: fbclid=IwAR3or99zfV2zip2BmswCNiaONADKxNVGXsZHN-Kq-RPOVfo-lxu4cTCToRs

• If you already have a digital account at Food 4Less, then you can immediately search for us at the link.  Otherwise, you will need to create a digital account.

• Enter our name “Elder Love USA” or our Nonprofit Organization (NPO) number YU304

 (Note: Elder Love USA is three separate words)

• Once you find us (our headquarters are in Palm Desert, CA), click “Enroll” 

• You will then see a confirmation that you have successfully enrolled. 

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.                If you do not, please call us at 888-336-8322

IMPORTANT!  TAKE A PICTURE, SCREENSHOT or PRINT OUT the page and send it to us along with your mailing address (we need to know where to mail the gift card) and we will send out your $10 Food4Less gift card ASAP!  We may reach back out to you to see what your experience was signing up. We would love your feedback and suggestion on how we might make it better.

Now get your gift card - Send us your picture, screenshot or print out - along with where you want us to mail your gift card:


Email to our Executive Director, Shannon Shea:



Elder Love USA, Inc.

41550 Eclectic St

Palm Desert, CA 92260

Call us if you have any questions - 888-336-8322


$10 for just a few moments of your time and all the while you will be helping our seniors.  Money donated from Food4Lesss goes directly to helping our older adults in their homes. 


You Shop. You Save. You Help.

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41550 Eclectic St, Palm Desert, CA 92260

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